Bicycle Painting

Poseur Sport Bicycle Painting is a collaboration between designer Alex Ostroy and master painter James Terrani. You can see some of the finished projects here:

Before we get out the spray guns and vinyl cutters, pencils and pixels are deployed .

Before we get out the spray guns and vinyl cutters, pencils and pixels are deployed .

Each unique design begins as a series of drawings, when a concept is agreed upon it's transferred to design software and models are made. Terrani then executes each design using painstaking techniques he has developed over the past ten years. Terrani hand-masks all his graphics, no corners are cut, no plastic decals are used. Sanding and polishing are also done by hand to achieve a quality of finish only seen in custom cars and motorcycles.

More on painter James Terrani

James Terrani has earned a reputation as a master painter in the art world for his ability to solve complex painting problems with precision and style. Having worked with some of most demanding artists in the art world for the past 10 years, such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Urs Fisher, and Anish Kapoor, Terrani has learned his craft well.

Terrani is  an avid cyclist so naturally he become interested in the art and craft of the painted bicycle. When he took a closer look at the approach of both major manufactures and custom painters he quickly saw how the process could be improved. Nearly all bikes are painted with automotive industry paint, and there are many different grades of car paint depending on the price of the car. So Nissan uses different paint than Lamborghini— it's an essential but  often overlooked component to any high-end automobile.  Bicycle manufactures use the less expensive car paint to save money, but since the quantity of paint needed to paint a bike is a small fraction of what is needed for a car, it's not prohibitively expensive. Expensive paints can also be difficult to get and more temperamental to apply and store, but when you see them in person, the depth and richness they provide is well worth the extra effort.

These paints can be applied over nearly any metal or plastic substrate (including gel coats of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, 3D printings etc.) and last many years while still maintaining a nearly identical level of finish as originally applied. The specialty clear coats simultaneously protect the substrate from deteriorating, rusting, and oxidizing with UV protection and an exceptionally hard surface. Gel coated carbon fiber, for instance, will discolor and weaken with exposure to UV light, while steel will rust and eventually deteriorate without proper coating.

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