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"Alex's designs are always fresh and contemporary, but with deep roots in cycling heritage.  His passion for design and the sport of cycling are boundless and it shows in his work."
-Greg LeMond
Three time TDF Champion
Uli and Lidia Fluhme with 5,000 friends

Uli and Lidia Fluhme with 5,000 friends

"Most cycling events and teams underestimate how important it is to have a kit designer who knows what it takes to make a rider look good off and - most importantly - on the bike. A jersey is not a two dimensional T-shirt on which you slap a picture or your logo. Shoulders, side panels and arms are often more visible on a cyclists than the chest area so kit design has to be applied very differently. 
We’re working with Alex Ostroy because he’s the best designer in cycling in the US and among the very best in the world. He not only understands the technicalities of a cycling kit but he also doesn’t simply follow the latest trends in cycling. Instead, he’s always looking at global design trends and knows how to implement them in cycling, often with a nod at cycling’s rich history.
Having a good looking kit for Gran Fondo New York is important for us from a business perspective because we want our riders to use the jersey year round so we benefit from their promotion. But it’s also important for me personally because I ride and race myself and we all know how serious we take ourselves when it comes to looking good out on the road."
- Uli Fluhme
 CEO at Gran Fondo New York Inc.
“Some of these generate more watts than a night at the velodrome. The genius of his kits is that they’re all planned out so well. It's like he's an evil genius of kit design."

- Bicycling Magazine

"It was refreshing to have someone come to us with new ideas who really understood our brand. Our Poseur designed shop kits helped define and strengthen our customers appreciation for our brand and shops
...and they sold extremely well too!"
- Andrew Crooks, NYCVelo

“Graveleur,  sprinteur, rolleur or grimpeur: no matter. The Poseur always looks good.”

Poseur Sport

Growing up I had two passions; Art and Cycling. At 17 I was admitted to the Rhode Island School of Design but never heard from the Olympics selection committee, so it was clear which one I would be making a living pursuing.

Our philosophy is to give each kit a unique identity that makes each team or event into a distinctive brand, so that it becomes something greater than an arrangement of logos on lycra.

World wide headquarters, featuring state-of-the-art design tools and condiments.

Poseur has intimate relations with several top-tier custom manufacturers, which allows access to pro-level kit at high-volume discounts. Once the kit has been completed Poseur will also help to promote your team and it’s sponsors by featuring it on social media to our thousands of followers which will bring you and your sponsors much sought after attention.

This means that not only will you look better than everyone else on the ride, you’ll be more comfortable, and pay far less than than retail. 


The Maglia Rosa jersey was chosen as one of the most stylish jerseys for IL magazine, the monthly mag for the Italian giant Il Sole Newspaper.

The Maglia Rosa jersey was chosen as one of the most stylish jerseys for IL magazine, the monthly mag for the Italian giant Il Sole Newspaper.


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Super Reggie Gold Award

For excellence in promotional media.

Communication Arts Annual

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SPD Silver Medal for Design

For work that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine

Mac Directory features work and interview

“Finding a balance, the work of Alex Ostroy”

American Illustration/Design Awards book

Honored in books 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23

YOUNG GUNS Selected by The Art Directors Club

I.D. Magazine Article:

Alex Ostroy

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Gold Medal

Poseur Kit model Greg LeMond and Ostroy during a talk at the Rapha club, NYC
Photo by Harry Zernike for an article in GFNY magazine

Photo by Harry Zernike for an article in GFNY magazine

Alex’s designs are always unique and cutting edge. At Hincapie we are always excited to see what he is cooking up next. And when we have to produce a really special design, he has become our go-to guy.”
-George Hincapie
George Hincapie in his Poseur Strictly Kit.

George Hincapie in his Poseur Strictly Kit.

La Sweat kits featured in Bicycling Magazine